Home Playstation Forum just got playstation 3,photo problems?

just got playstation 3,photo problems?


i cant view my pic i put them on a usb stick put it in the usb port on the ps3 but it says no images avalible?

they are jpeg pics and i want to do my wallpaper and my profile pic using them.it does say that the ps3 supports this pic format in instruction manual?
i do go to the usb stick and look but it says no images are avalible?
Update 2:
and yes i have recently (today) updated my ps3,

but why i cant i view my jpeg images of my usb stick?

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  1. did you make a picture folder if didn’t make one and put your picture files there and copy the folder to your USB after plug it to your PS3.

  2. when you go under the picture icon and it should show the media and then your folder.click on triangle and it click on view and it should work. i would also recommend if you got a digital camera just hook it up directly to the ps3 and you can also add your picture that way.

  3. go to the usb stick icon on your ps3 and press triangle and click display all and just look for the pics

    good luck

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