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If you use a wired controller, you don’t need batteries for it, right?


Okay, so my brother’s a bum and he suddenly wants to get an xBox 360; to tell you the truth, I’ve never really been interested in those gaming console stuff like the xBox and Play Station (I might get a Wii though for more funner exercise :]). Anywaaay, this whole thing confuses me, and right when I thought I had everything settled and was about to order, I realized that stores were selling rechargers. I didn’t understand what they were for, and when I researched it, I realized the controllers needed batteries or w/e. But if you used a wired controller, you wouldn’t need batteries for themm, right? I’ve never been good at modern technology stuff, so help!


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  1. no.but the wireless controllers are more popular but wired ones work just fine. If the usb ports on the xbox 360 are dull/broken then you must switch to wireless controllers because the usb ports are faulty.

    Also keep in mind that wired controllers tend to break down more quickly and more than wireless because the wire gets old and twisted

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