Home Xbox Forum If i want to change xbox silver to gold?

If i want to change xbox silver to gold?


Do i need to pay gold even after paying silver.

The reason I ask is I brought Gold but it gave me silver, If i buy gold am I paying for double? Otherwise do I call them up and tell them to erase the mistake or do I have to wait for gold to come.

I’m so confused

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  1. I think your confused on what xbox live subscriptions are. Silver is free and always has been. It allows you to send messages and download content. Gold, it gives you the ability to play online as well as use netflix and rogers on demand type stuff. How did you buy gold? If you bought a card with a number of months on the top and an activation code on the back, then you should have gold, if you bought it through a credit card on xbox live, then it may have been added without you seeing a big confirmation. To know for sure, press the guide button on the controller, move 2 frames to the right and select profile. Where your gamertag name is, it should have either a silver or gold band (you can also go to the profile section of the dashboard and view your current subscriptions). I don;t think the gold/silver band shows up unless your currently signed in while connected to the internet.

  2. Silver is going to let you online and see friends but not talk to the via voice and it doesnt let you play online with others and limits what you can do gold unlocks everything so you dont have to call them up

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