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I want some advice on making my Xbox 360 rrod on PUPOSE!?


Last night I went to go and play my Xbox 360, but cannot get any discs to spin at all. I have tried CD’s DVD’s old games and new. Nothing works, no sound no spinning, just open tray close tray open tray close tray. Anyway. I am about 2.5 months beyond the 1 year warranty so Microsoft will only fix it for a fee which I don’t want to pay.

My solution: RROD on purpose! I bought my Xbox mid November 2007 after microsoft announced they would repair RROD for 3 years.

I have heard that I should place a towel or two over the unit and leave on until it RROD. question is do I need to be playing it? I cannot play any discs obviously but could try demos. also is my model (not the original ones but still LONG before the new Jasper component introduced in late 2008) likely to RROD or might this not happen? I’m torn between breaking my warranty and cracking it open to have a friend repair it maybe for hopefully <$100, trying RROD for free repair with backup plan to buy new one with 3 year warranty from Best Buy.

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  1. You can try to overheat it like the other people have mentioned, but you have to know that you risk frying the motherboard and not actually causing the RRoD. You won’t be able to play it anymore.

  2. The above answer is correct: Overheating is the main cause of RROD, so all you really need to do is leave it on for a long period of time, and that should do the trick (we’re talking at least ten hours, probably).

    I wouldn’t advise wrapping it in anything, though, because that can cause the system to do more than overheat — it’s a definite fire hazard to cover an electronic system, such as a game console or computer tower, so please avoid that! Keep an eye on your system, just to be safe.

    Do not even consider voiding your warranty until you have tried every last resort!!

  3. good luck ever fixing it yourself if you mess with that towel trick and still don’t get 3rrod. it is even possible for microsoft to notice that u wrapped it in towels because other parts will be damaged by the excessive hot air that a normal running system could never damage (including the dvd drive). It is pretty easy to fix most 360 problems yourself. Just follow the free repair tutorials at [url is not allowed] and if u get stuck there is a help forum where u can be helped right away. oh and by the way what u wanna do is warranty fraud and telling someone else how to purposely bring on the 3rrod is illegal and against the Microsoft TOS.

  4. wrap it in a couple towels with only the power brick plugged in, no need to play it or anything, just leave it on for a long period of time. then shut it off and see if that gave it the rrod. if not, repeat the steps until you get it.

  5. microsoft announced on november 21 2008 they were not gona fix 360’s with rrod for free anymore unless u have warrenty.sry

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