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I Need Help With My Ps3 ):?


My ps3 is starting to frezze and everything loads slowly and when i try and go on ps home it says error and there numbersand i really am scared its going end up braking on mei was looking online and someone said that my HDD my be corrupted and i need to buy a new on and get it put in my ps3 at best buy. but i really dont think thats mite be a problem , i dont know what to do.?

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  1. I would recommend backing up all of your saved data to and external hard drive or transfer it all to your PC. I would then restored your system (which will erase everything on it) you can do so by going under settings-system settings-restore PS3 system. If you have purchased any content from the PlayStation store though you will also have to deactivate the settings for that prior to restoring your system. I dont remember exactly how that’s done but it will tell you how to do so when you select ‘restore PS3 system’ before continuing to the actual restoring process. This will be your best bet of refreshing your system and fixing the problem, assuming it has something to do with corrupt data etc.

    If this doesn’t work then it most likely proves that the problem will be a result either your HDD processor or other internal component/s that will need to be repaired. Hope this helps and good luck.


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