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i have a question about making my xbox 360 able to work on wifi?


do i have to buy one of those disgustingly over price “official xbox live wireless adapters” or can i just buy something similar to this [url is not allowed] and be fine

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  1. You have to buy the official xbox 360 one. It’s sad, but true. I once was frustrated and upset that I had to buy one also. But it’s Microsoft, they try to get as much money as they can out of you.

  2. The official is the best way to go, in my oppinion, but if this product has additional features and is cheaper, then by all means, buy it.

  3. you have to get the official ones.since theres no 3d party adapter. but ive seen a router for the xbox 360 “pelican” taht works like a wireless adapter.

  4. Or if all else fails you can get this:[url is not allowed]

    it’s the next best thing, it connects to your ethernet port and allows you to go wireless (more or less, lol)

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