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How can I use an HDMI cable for my Xbox 360 if I don’t have an HDMI port on the back?


Is there any sort of upgrade I could do to use it?

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  1. No, your only options are either component, or DVI with the purchase of the cable(around $30 I believe)

    Component is good enough for most people, especially considering that most 360 games don’t even run in 1080P native.

  2. There is an adapter availble, however it will not provide true 1080p. However there are 2 ways to get 1080p on Xbox 360 with some ‘requirements.’ The 2 methods are below:

    1) Get 1080p via component! You CAN get 1080p via component on Xbox 360, but it’s just that your HDTV needs hardware that supports 1080p via component like my HDTV does. This works, this is what I use.

    2) Get 1080p via VGA! This is a similar thing. You can get a cable for 360 that is ‘360’ to VGA and connect it to your HDTV, however, your HDTV must support the resolution 1920x1080p via VGA to be able to do this. Bonus! – VIA VGA, the Xbox 360 can also upscale regular DVDs which it cannot via component.

    Here is the adapter if you want it, but I wouldn’t go for it, it is the same as component since it isn’t ‘true’ 1080p (over-priced as well, $89.99) –

    [url is not allowed].

    Hope my advice helped!

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