Home Xbox Forum do you need a router to get on xbox live?

do you need a router to get on xbox live?


if i have a modem plugged into my pc, do i need to buy a router to connect my ethernet cable to it to get xbox live? or can i just connect an xbox 360 ethernet cord straight to my modem to pc? if u have another type of solution without using router add it to answers. thanks.

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  1. it just matters how many ethernet ports your modem has so if it has one ethernet port for the pc then i would prefer buying a router so the router can have multiple ports. And plus to connect to the router u have to have 3 ethernet cables. one for the modem to the router then another for the router to the pc then another for the xbox 360 to the router then ur online

    trust me i know i had the same problem as you

  2. No.

    You need a router, however, to share the modem. You can just unplug whatever PC you have plugged into the modem, plug in the Xbox, then restart the modem in most cases, and it will work just fine.

    However, a router will make things much easier to deal with when it comes to using the same connection for many things, like the PC, the Xbox, the PS3, the Wii, another PC, a DS, whatever. If you are going to buy one, go with a wireless router so you can use both wired and wireless to share the connection.

  3. look at these links

    xbox 360 connectivity wizard

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    connection methods

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