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Can you use hdmi and regular cords for XBOX?


I know on PS3 I could use HDMI for picture and the regular cords for sound (I have a sound system). Can I do the same for XBOX? The default plug in that came with the XBOX has a part installed on it that blocks the HDMI plug in. I’m just wondering if I can use both. I’ll go out and buy another cord that allows me to use HDMI as well.

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  1. Are you reffering to Xbox 360 or the original Xbox? I’m not sure about the original, but the 360 surely does have it and there’s is nothing blocking it on my 360’s plug.

  2. YUP! Although it’s recommended that you use the official Xbox 360 HDMI cable, you can use pretty much any cable on the market, try not to use something cheap if possible.

  3. To use the HDMI cord, you have to unplug the default cord (the one that came with the Xbox 360) and plug the HDMI cord into the slot under where the default cords go.

    If you couldn’t understand that, I’m just saying to use only the HDMI cable (Unless using the sound system is absolutely necessary). (At least that’s what I do and it works great). You should be able to use both for your sound system and your TV.

    I hope I helped 🙂

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