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Can you turn on/off a Playstation 3 Via the controller or would I need a remote for that?


I am going to buy a Play Station 3 and I was just wondering if buying the remote would be worth it. Primarily I am going to use the remote to control movies and music and I wanted to know two things if anyone thinks it worth the $25 price tag and could I turn my Play Station console on and off Via the controller.


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  1. yes, u can. U can turn off the ps3 with the ps3 controller. the remote is not worth it s u can control almost everything with the sontroller

  2. Umm not sure yet because i haven’t bought the controller for mine yet but next weekend i am going to because i am going to get paid and i think that the remote is worth it because it is a lot helpful when you watch movies instead of having to press each button after button but if you don’t like the price they do make cheaper ones out there its just that the Sony one is the most expensive hope this was your best answer

  3. The PS3 can be turned off and on with the controller, as well as navigate your movies. If you are going to be watching DVD’s, then I would not suggest getting the remote (it would be a waste of money). If you are going to be watching Blu-ray’s, then get the remote, as there are buttons on the remote that are not available on the controller. The remote is not necessary, but will make watching Blu-ray’s easier to navigate than the controller.

    BTW, the remote turns the PS3 on and off the same way the controller does: with the PS button.

  4. You can control movies with the Dualshock 3 controller, the remote is just simplified but not much is missing from the controller

    To turn off the console wirelessly, hold the Playstation button in the middle until these options appear

    Quit Game

    Turn off Controller

    Turn off Console< -click this one And another one which I forget To turn your PS3 back on wirelessly, hold the PS button and the lights should flash and light up to one square. The console will turn on now as well.

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