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Can my ps3 connect to my new tv via a HDMI cable?


I’m asking this because before I got my new tv I connect my ps3 using the regular AV cables, would there be any problems if I connect my ps3 to my new tv using HDMI cables?
My ps3 is the newest super-slim version, do I still have to hold the power button until it beeps?

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  1. Yes. Youre gonna have to plug everything in and hold the power button till it beeps a second time. Then youre all set.

  2. There is no trouble. Just connect the HDMI to the TV and the other end to the PS3 and select the appropriate input on the TV. when you turn on the PS3 you will get a non-hd message saying the PS3 detected an HDMI device and you just select “yes” and then the screen will go black for just a second and then you select “yes” again and you should be good to go

  3. No it’ll work better with HDMI than AV Cables. HDMI has a much better picture and the audio is carried by the same cable, saving space.

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