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A Little Insight to the Plot of Modern Warfare 2


Infinity Ward is back with another innovative game and it is quite different as it is a new sequel and has nothing to do with World War 2.In the old sequel of this game the palters had to follow a certain style by following the characters through their journey during the world war. The new sequel of Modern Warfare has brought an entirely new concept which is quite modernized and in this you need to follow a tightly narrated structure that is most appealing to the players. Plus this gives you a feeling that you are actually part of the action in the game.

The plot of the game starts off from being in the first person perspective and this is what drives and motivates the players to involve with a new zest in the game. You certainly develop an attachment with the characters in the game plot and a sense of relationship builds up as the characters start to depend and support each other.
You can easily buy this game from online sites as they are ready to deliver you the game in a fast forward way. Buying online also helps to ensure that you are getting the original. The online sites also offer a copy of the Modern Warfare 2 for your Xbox as well as your PS3.

New characters like Roach and Soap are added in this modern sequel of Call of Duty game and you can play as a multi national anti-terrorist squad to stop the Russian ultra nationalists. The exciting adventure of the snowbound enemy camps that starts off with a dare devil mountain climb across the ice and the escapade in a snow mobile is what makes the player come back for more action.

Plus the new Killstreak rewards which you can also customize in the Modern Warfare 2 game make this a “must buy”. You get to choose three out of 9 possible that you can use for each map. But these killstreak rewards are only unlocked as you advance through certain levels by playing the game. Just starting off, you only have access to the first three rewards.

The Special Ops feature ranges from one star to three stars in their level of difficulty and with the help of the earned stars, the players can unlock more challenges. There are about 21 missions in the game and all are highly active.

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Submitted On May 07, 2010Console GamesModern Warfare 2 has a plot that is sure to captivate the players attention, intrigue, and imagination. It puts the player in 1st person point of view action so it is almost like playing the movies.modern warfare 2

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