Home Videos Xbox Ultimate Summer Sale! 300+ Games!! What’s Worth Buying?!

Xbox Ultimate Summer Sale! 300+ Games!! What’s Worth Buying?!


Xbox Ultimate Summer Sale! 300+ Games!! What's Worth Buying?!


  1. Three games have caught my attention on top of Oblivion. They are Battlefield 1, Dark Souls III, and The Witcher III. But I should only get two of them.
    The Witcher III is guaranteed that I'll get it, so basically should I get Battlefield 1 or Dark Souls III?

  2. Great video. Thanks so much for putting in this much time and effort. The list of so many games was overwhelming and this helped a lot.
    Obviously I disagree with your opinion on some of the games, but going through a list of around 300 games that is inevitable.

  3. This is the best 54 mins I have spent! Seeing a sweet sale and hearing Rand's thoughts on the discounts was bae! Got myself Fallout 4 season pass (lulz), Wolfenstein New Order and Old Blood, Gears 3 season pass for the dlc campaign, and maybe something else as well… gonna check those again.

  4. Civ revolution is back compat. Roomate plays it all the time. Classic, I can't go back after Civ IV and V however.

  5. "worms terrible terrible franchise" wait what did he just say that about a classic franchise buddy you need to sit down and put down the crack pipe

  6. As I said over  year ago MS want to be steam. and Nintendo. They don't have a fresh idea left kind of like Nintendo.

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