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Xbox One S Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Review


Xbox One S Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Review

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  1. I'm getting the X Box One X this winter and i heard that it will support Dolby Vision and HDR 10. But in the meantime, I enjoy my X Box One S and the 4K Blu Ray player built in.

  2. Mine has a few seconds of stuttering during UHD disc playback, does it at least once on every single movie I've watched on it.

    Hopefully the X is better.

  3. Any recommendation for 4K players without region lock for bluray? Preferably with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support now or in thr future.

  4. I HATE my Xbox One S as a BDP, I have NEVER been able to get the lipsync to work, and it's the only device I have that issue with.

  5. That 'fairly noisy in playback' had me triggered. I cannot hear mine at all. Unlike my previous jet engine PS4 launch console.

  6. I sold my Samsung 4k Blu-ray player after I noticed Xbox one S was giving me the same quality. Haven't regretted it and that saved space.

  7. BTW what took so long for this review You could've done your subs and readers a great service with this review months ago.

  8. Does it natively support dolby atmos, or dolby digital + in bitstream like the playstaition 3? is there any particular difference? I Currently have a Playstation 3 as my playback source for blu-rays and 3d-blu-rays and I am looking for an upgrade, but I want it to be futureproof for when I eventually get an UHD projector

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