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Xbox E3 2017 Briefing


Xbox E3 2017 Briefing


  1. I've watched this five times now, and every time it just keeps getting better and better. 11/07/17 Why you so far away?

  2. I really like microsoft xbox. This xbox one x is world's most powerfull console but it's same price as xbox one

  3. Please in next e3 can be not using xbox live please im always waiting for that its 3 years im waiting for that please maybe next year it will happend but please or in next update in xbox


  4. the only downside to sea of thieves looks to be the combat
    It seems really slow and actually somewhat easy to miss
    the part where it's easy to miss aint that bad, but still, it looks really, really slow and repetitive from what I can sea in the trailer

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