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Wow! PS4 Drops In Price For A Limited Time


Wow! PS4 Drops In Price For A Limited Time


  1. WOW They are £150 in the UK  LOL They really trying to sell these things.  making a HUGE loss…but software sales not increasing! so they are making very little money. Also uncharted 4 is bundled with EVERYTHING! I went to Maccy D's last week. I asked for a Burger and they asked if I wanted Uncharted 4 with that!

  2. well i had a ps4 until my brother moved out and took it with him, so im considering getting the $249 uncharted bundle. Is there any reason for me to invest more in the ps4 pro instead?

  3. Can't wait for the update,mostly for the extra space of the external drives,I'm buying the 8tb one and have the 2tb internal so my PS4 will be a absolute beast

  4. Owned a PS4 since launch but never really played it. Bought a few games for it but steered clear from buying anymore due to no External Hard Drive Support to play games off of. Now that they have support YEARS late, I just don't really have passion to collect games for it. But it's good that they're doing price drops. It's a good time for those that never tried the PS4.

  5. I just bought one from new egg and it was 249.99 shipped, and came with an extra controller too. I also recently saw it on amazon for around $235 for the slim uncharted bundle… I think it is going to go down to $250 permanently soon

  6. My current PS4 (Original is fine, but might get another although i dont really like the newer models) And i asked this yesterday but didn't get a response, have you used any of those external harddrives? They are AMAZING PRICES and definitely need one, but I dont want my ps4 to heat up and start slowly turning into a toaster because of the massive harddrive increase of 500gb to 5.5tb.. Would appreciate a response!

  7. I really want to try MWR but it's still a bit to expensive for my liking and I'm totally not interested in IW. Hopefully they release it on its own eventually. Awesome video by the way!

  8. honestly just to future proof myself i am picking up the ps4 pro. pay extra to have the upgraded version with larger memory

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