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World’s Fastest PS4 & Xbox One?


World's Fastest PS4 & Xbox One?

Evolution of Graphics on PlayStation (PS1 to PS4)


  1. It still amazes me how Xbox made that ugly shit and people bought it only to get weak ass "exclusive" games

  2. The HDD has little to do with a game that runs off of a disk.While some data does sit on the drive the RAM and Processors do the heavy lifting. The only real difference is a latency difference from 120ms to 2.0ms. Milliseconds!! However SSDs do run cooler. SSDs have there cons as well.

  3. I did this last year on december with a hybrid hard drive and really improved my loading screen in games like the witcher wild hunt bloodborne and fallout 4

  4. people seem to be confused your. it paying $200 for 30 seconds, your paying 200 for 30 seconds per load screen so if your playing skyrim those 30 seconds add up let's say you spend 4 hours a day 5 days a week and you enter a house, dungeon or boot a save around 20 times a hour 20x4x5รท60 = that's 10 mins a week or something I don't know still not worth it honestly but whatever floats your boat.

  5. I have a 2tb drive for 80 bucks and it works just as fine so i dont think the 500 and over is the limit

  6. So first off this video is awesome and I've learned some really interesting skit today about my PS4, secondly people keep saying how building gaming pc's is cheaper and yet something like a 2 terabyte memory SSD apparently cost's $800 dollars on it's own, which frankly would be a very important factor in the games for a pc from what I'm getting from the various videos I've watched (this included) so I've also learned that when people say building a gaming pc is cheaper they mean building an inferior pc (or one just as good as xbox one or PS4) is cheaper, not that I ever wanted to build a gaming pc or will ever dood. :3

    On a side note thank's for the video dood. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. If Maden was built and marketed like a car it would be called Maden 2004, but would have been released in 2003, AND would have been actually manufactured in 2002 and designed in 2000-2001…

    Fuck car marketing.

  8. Its insane how big of a leap there was in graphics between ff7 and the later ff and square titles on the system.

  9. love how you skipped over crash and spyro in the ps1 eara. they where masterpieces when it comes the graphics and rendering

  10. This is a great video guys but I gotta say I noticed some stuff being cut. Sentences that just cut off mid way though an apparently an entire section about Arkham Asylum before Journey that was commented on but never seen. Just saying a good video but could use some more editing.

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