Home Playstation Forum what do you think is better xbox or ps3?

what do you think is better xbox or ps3?


what do you think is better at graphics or gaming?

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  1. Well I have ps3 I learned to play on the xbox first I like their controllers better but both of the systems are rather good , the cons on the ps3 is that there server may get hacked , but they have great quality and xbox you pay but you don’t have to deal with live crashing

  2. They are both equal in my opinion. The only reason that the PS3 and XBOX360 exist as separate systems is because of pure competition between Sony and Microsoft.

  3. Xbox is my console of choice yes you have to pay but with the payment comes advantages but the ps3 is more technolocaly advanced because it was released a while after xbox but the xbox has more game because of that and there isn’t a noticeably difference in the graphics so yea and people that own both like the xbox controller better for shooters and others but ps3 I belive has sports controllers

  4. PS3 is technically a more advanced system capable of displaying better graphics than the Xbox 360. How ever, not many PS3 games take hold of the power of the PS3, and come out looking like really good Xbox 360 games. It comes down to two things. If your more of a social gamer, buy an Xbox 360, because Xbox live features so much more than PSN. If your into a more media central gaming device, get PS3, because of its superior blu-ray drive. If your just a casual gamer, buy either. One is not better than the other, each are just better at there own things.

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