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What color should i spray paint my xbox 360 controller?


Im gonna spray paint my xbox 360 controller in about a week. Its a white one btw. I was wondering wat color i should spray paint it. I was thinking red on the front and blue on the back making the bumpers blue and the triggers red. Do you think that looks cool or should i do somethin else?
uhm guys im not stupid i have a freakin brain im gonna TAKE IT APART WITH A SCREWDRIVER and spray paint the shell

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  1. yeah that sounds pretty cool. ive done a few controllers for my friends, and i made it with tiger stripes, like the gun camo in call of duty. its not a hard process, you just gotta have each part cleaned with paint thinner or something similar.

    for help and some cool paint masks for diferent designs, visit the site below: (sorry if the link doesnt work)

    these guys paint hundreds of controllers, so they can help you with whatever you need – paint, clear coat, paint masks, or whatever. god luck, hope it turns out awesome!

  2. You should be real careful when modding your controller, I’ve done this myself and its a proccess let me tell you. [url is not allowed] this website is what I used, mine i painted red first, then carefully on the parts where your palms go cut tape to form biohazard symbols after the paint had dried. After the tape I spray painted the untaped parts flat black. Hopefully this will help.

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