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Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Xbox 360 Review – Video Review



Tony Hawk's Project 8 Xbox 360 Review - Video Review


  1. hey guys, I really wonder that can I play it on PC?
    because it is my favourite tony hawk game series and last time I played this game was on 2008 back then with ps2.

  2. if you have this game for the Xbox 360 and want to play online with someone contact me. My gamertag is xFersureMatt and my twitch is FersureMatt. 🙂 game on!

  3. Tony Hawk shall not be revolutionized, all we want is someting lime THPS4 or THUG2 with the same quality as they had. Instead they shit out turds and lable them TH

  4. Now why wasn't THPS 5 built on this engine. It looks good, plays excellent. What could go wrong?

  5. i wanted this game so bad when it came out. i couldnt afford a ps3 for years after. when i finally got a ps3 and only got skate 2. then my ps3 disc reader broke and now i still cant buy this game. im gonna be 30 by the time i can play it.

  6. I love this game just like every other main tony hawk game this was the last tony hawk game made and also I still remember were I got my copy of the game from….BLOCKBUSTER! they sold the game to me used for a good price.

  7. You guys realize he said it was still fun but adds little to nothing to the series. I for one loved project 8 about as much as i loves the pro skater games but they still didnt really feels that different from eachother. Underground is still a masterpiece though.

  8. You know what, It's terrible my anus! I love this game and loved since I was like 6! I doesn't frickin matter that it's nowhere new… All that matters is that it's badass and is flipping fun… And it is!
    So I don't care what anyone says, this game is sick!

  9. Game is fun and the review isn't true in my opinion. But I'm a Tony Hawk fan so I did enjoyed in!

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