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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Review


The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Review


  1. I've only played the PS1 Spyro games, recently I bought a PS3. as I haven't played the first 2 games of this series will it be confusing for me? I liked the platform games, I'm not sure if I will be able to grasp this newer version of Spyro. any answers or tips will be appreciated.

  2. This game series (Both original and TLoS) are in my opinion, the best games I've ever played and ever will play. I have so many memories with these games from my childhood, and nothing will take it's place^.^

  3. Personal likes to classics aside, will anybody admit that Dawn of The Dragon is better than the original because of how "wicked" it looks?

  4. I Played In Co-Op, And It's Just Perfect.
    When Two People Work Together In This Game, They Can Find More Gems, Earn More Experience And Find More Secrets.
    My Friend Enjoyed It A Lot.
    He Wants To Go Every Day To Me Just For Playing The Game!
    This Is Really Awesome, And I'm Glad How Much Spyro Is Good.

    Fuck Skylanders.

  5. The game’s not bad at all,it had great art,music and you finally get to fly. It’s just the game felt real short, The levels are small and lacks freedom to explore and I hated being stuck to Cynder. The game might of been better if it was an open world game, think about it, the flying would be useful for fast travel,these gorgeous environments could be explored to it's fullest and better mission with epic stories from the other characters.

  6. this is one of my favourite new gen spyro games, i agree the others in the series are poor, i feel that if they had this design and tone throughout it would have been much better. i do feel that it should have been longer, but i would not part with a single beautifully designed level. it is not as great as the original 3 games on the ps1, but it is much better than some games i know. considering the mediocre ps2 spyro games that came before it, im thankful that we got this game. truly greater than the sum of its parts.

  7. the Elite enemies mask colors tell you what element to use. Using the correct element will take away their mask rather quickly.

  8. I'm curious I know that the PS3 is native 720p are you emulating this on a PC? Some games like FF13 is upscaled to 1080p, So when you're talking about resolution here, is Spyro for the PS3 720p? The resolution can be found at the back of the case. If not, then you're just babbling stuff about the resolution.

  9. hahaha The music is pretty cool within the game series. I have to say, i love the idea of recycling some of the music pieces, i dont know if many others noticed it. 
    Yer the PS2 version is okay but the graphics is kinda crappy :/ 

  10. I say it was an underrated gem for this generation. I LOVE 'The legend of Spyro' series so much, and this was the perfect ending to it, it may not have been the same as the previous 2 titles but it was epic! 

  11. I agree about the Eternal Night, It took me longer to finish that than the others. The Boss battle especially. And FINALLY! SOMEONE WHO RATES DAWN OF THE DRAGON REALLY GOOD!!!!! THANK U!!!!!!

  12. i don't know why people say at the legend of spyro games was shit. yes i did not play the first spyro game but i did played year of the dragon + but the DS games and i think that the legend of spyro games was the best out of all of them dawn of the dragon is my #1 a new begging is my #2 and the eternal night is my #3 best spyro games of all time os wht do people hate so much

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