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The Launch of the Sony Playstation (1995)


The Launch of the Sony Playstation (1995)

Sony's Cancelled PlayStation 4 (PS4) Exclusive: Gnomageddon - Unseen64


  1. I just made it to the 4:32 mark and had to say I miss that sweet, sweet Sony Playstation sound when it was time to play Final Fantasy 7 or my absolute fave, Star Ocean the Second Story!!

  2. >Rather play SF: The Movie than any MK.
    >Road Rash overrated… come at me bro.

    Unsub for basic, low level clickbait level of trolling, and passing off opinionated(shitty opinions to boot) videos as documentaries.

  3. Only just stumbled across this channel and I just wanted to say I think it's brilliant. Extremely informative and to the point! Subscribed.

  4. If Apple made the Multitap, it would only have two controller slots and you would have to buy two of them.

  5. I was 11 years of age and I bought it with my own money lol <3
    Best console I ever had. PS2 is number 2 console

  6. I literally stopped watching after you said you would rather play street fighter the movie over any mortal kombat game lol

  7. You would rather play that piece of shit over Bad Ass Mortal Kombat? LMFAOOO You went right into the incompetent tasteless dickless cuck category as soon as I heard that… You're a tasteless bitch, fuck you and your gay ass flopped games.

  8. 22:45
    You might wonder: "Wow, why didn't other games include a minigame during loading times?". Well, thats because Namco claimed a fucking PATENT on this idea, so they were the only one allowed to use this idea.

    The patent expired in (I believe) 2015, but for me that's too late, as I sat through so many boring loading screens. Fuck you, Namco.

  9. Damn it i love this fucking guy ! I watch your channel like you wouldn't believe. I dig videogame and knowledge, here i get both. My offer is always there pal you want to try to do voiceover professionally let me know bro. Il run you by my agent. You have great presence and great voice. And maybe if i help ya out you'll let me play some of your collection. Please keeo up the good work. If it was up to me you would have a show on national tech tv. I love classic gaming quarterly!

  10. I disagree with your Road Rash take, but since you didn't say why you think that, I have nothing to say other than I just plain disagree with your,opinion sir.

  11. resident evil 1 final fantasy 7 metal gear crash gta with birds eye view tomb raider gran turismo syphon filter all my best memos on ps1

  12. say what you like about sony and playstation they have remained strong since the ps1 launch and every console ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 as been a major success.. in 2017 they are still the king of console's

  13. Damn Gnomageddon looks like it would have been an awesome game!! I would have definitely started playing it as soon as it came out. Add in the building mechanics of Fallout 4 and the ability to scrounge for parts from other lawns and it would've been a solid game worth spending money on. Thanks Sony for chopping our dicks.

  14. Man, Gnomageddon sounded silly at first but it won me over and sounded great. I would've played it

  15. so, Sony cancelled this, and not the Emoji-Movie?
    also, this was the first time for me, that I heard from Kill Stream

  16. Fuck I want to play Gnomeageddon hella bad now…
    While I will never be an Xbox type of gamer, Fuck Sony for this… the fucking assholes… How are you gonna do something like that, when it is entirely your fault. Such BS!!!
    That was their job, their career, their livelihood. And you just dump them in the streets like yesterdays trash…

  17. It really sucks that the devs didn't get access to their work. You can't get more work without a portfolio, and these guys spent a lot of time working on this game. That's a pretty shitty thing for Sony to do.

  18. What a big publisher who bets on dime'a'dussin generic DOTA clone and doesn't care about originality or creativity, it's nothing new. Both the movie and gaming industry can be painfully obvious in there lack of passion or vision considering the amount of vampire/occult stuff Hollywood regurgitated after the success of Twilight or the amount of minecraft clones and MOBA games on the gaming market.

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