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Starbound Early Access – Review


Starbound Early Access - Review


  1. I recently bought this game and I love it, I have played Terraria a LOT. and this reminds me of it with more kick.

  2. Oh man when i played this game i used oil as my fuel source i didn't want to store it in chests so i made massive metal vat's and put it all in there

    Then i found out about moons and there fuel is better!

  3. Darn nice bones.  But really, games like Starbound, Elite: Dangerous, and similar games with huge open universes and simulation are OVERDONE!
    JK.  I love this return to the sci-fi genre and the true feelings of exploration and endless possibilities.

  4. The game fucking sucks, period. Don't listen to the fucking fanboys who praise this game. You want true, real honest reviews? Go the steam and read the feedback on this game.

  5. this guy looks so bad. It's not that hard when you first start out if you got a hunting boy. The guy in the vid couldn't use it well

  6. at the start of this video were you trying to make a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy reference

  7. Do not buy this game yet.  The critic makes it out to more difficult than it really is if you build properly and are prepared.  The problem is the lack of headway of the game, since endgame I have spent months without any content updates in a game with nothing else to do and no replayability.  The developers are apparently busy at work remaking the combat, farming and shields rather than flushing out some quests as was originally stated.  If you are chomping at the bit for this game, be prepared to be bored after 6 hours.  I suggest you hold off for another year to save your hard earned coin and replay Terraria.

  8. I bought this game a while ago but just recently started playing and I'm just dumbfounded on why you guys think this game is hard. if your about to die isolate yourself and have a bed or a tent in your inventory. if the enemy 1 shots you isolate IT then open a small window and shoot it till it dies lol. this game is easy if you have like 100,000 stacks of dirt and a nice pick axe.

  9. This game fucking sucks and I regret buying this piece of shit.

    The bosses that you can beat are easy as shit you can buy turrets and pretty much don't have to do jackshit, or you can just find ways to cheese the boss. The combat in this game is incredibly dull and boring and the enemies pretty much nearly all feel the same, and you have about 3 of the same types of common enemies on a single world 

    After all the bosses are defeated there is no incentive to explore different worlds as random towns or areas that you can find literally are pointless and serve no purpose  worst of all they are rare to find and there are only a few and some are reskins of the same areas. 

    Mining is not fun since its just rinse and repeat, get the new ore on that planet, make some new equipment now go to some crappy new planet that feels no different (Apart from the worlds where you can die from freezing)

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