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Space Hulk: Deathwing Review


Space Hulk: Deathwing Review


  1. No, for more on warhammer 40k id rather not stick with ign thanks I can't help but get the feeling they will have no clue wtf there on about

  2. Duh, it was just made to cash in on the Vermintide surprise success, a game that by itself only succeeded cuz it filled (barely) the void left by the lack of a Left 4 Dead sequel

  3. Whenever i hear the words " Warhammer " or " 40k " or " Space Hulk " it immediately brings the words poor cash grab in mind. No i am not talking about the Tolkien inspired warhammer series. When was the last time we had a good, or even passably decent game from the 40k universe? Dawn of War2 was the last good game but that was just another CoH clone and a rehash of Dawn of War 1.

  4. I find it funny on reviewers flaming a indie developer on things like
    1: the order of save games (LOL)
    2:Graphics, (Seriously?, I would expect rage at a company like EA releasing a low graphics quality game, but not an indie dev, but they look good nonetheless)
    3:AI (yea ill give them that)
    4:Story (Really?, I found it somewhat engaging, it game you a good narative while not taking away the whole, running around through tunnels fighting swarms of xenos)

    A 6.4 is a harsh and stupid score to give, this does not add incentive for small devs to work on games the fans would appreciate to see.

    this is why I only listen to reviewers like AngryJoe.

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