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Original Xbox Unboxing! (Xbox Unboxing)


Original Xbox Unboxing! (Xbox Unboxing)

Thumbs up if you love any of these games and you love the original Xbox!

From the annotations:
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Top 10 Things We Want in Zelda Wii U/NX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR6ycaMtQVw&index=1&list=PL093A0D4B558C61E5

Reasons Evil Craig HATES Castlevania: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTLDQtC9DeM&index=1&list=PLC7B1F26440494C7B

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Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games

Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games


  1. It says Includes two months free, Xbox live, online service.

    It doesn't say two months free online, Xbox live service.

    Got triggered by the ignorance there it's dumb I know

  2. This is what happens when an Emo teen tries to be gangsta.

    Wait did he call the duke "the nuke?"

    Microsoft:we put a massive Xbox logo on your controller, so you don't think your playing on a PS2.

    Wait again did he say PUT IT IN WATER WTF LMAO

  3. ThePapiGfunk I have an original Xbox and the startup is very cool. I have a lot of games for it. But when I put a game in, the disc comes out so I have to hold the thing in. Still works and very very cool to play

  4. Fable was and still is my favorite game on the original Xbox. Likely because of my history with the Zelda series and how much it felt like Zelda. I hope we get a remake of the first game (a real remake, not that crappy anniversary edition we got on 360) and that they sort of reboot the series.

  5. Halo ce.
    halo 2.
    Def Jam fight for NY.
    the Warriors.
    final fight streetwise. Marc echoes getting up.
    land of the dead.
    area 51.
    hunter the reckoning.

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