Home Videos New Xbox 360 E Unboxing & Comparison to Xbox 360 Slim

New Xbox 360 E Unboxing & Comparison to Xbox 360 Slim


New Xbox 360 E Unboxing & Comparison to Xbox 360 Slim

E3 2013 Xbox Briefing: Xbox 360


  1. my question is do they have hardware improvement? new graphics card or something different from the Xbox 360 slim?

  2. The 2007-2010 Xbox 360 Elite Was The Best One And The 2010-2013 Slim Was The 2nd Best One This E One Is Ugly And Horrible

  3. I know people are going to hate me for this but i think xbox 360e is better than slim. I just like the simpler design and i like its size. I like the two tone gloss and matt design as well

  4. I also bought a Slim i think that the Slim has a better design and form factor (i guess it's also a bit smaller than the E) but the E is quieter and has a more convenient AV output (3.5mm instead of the component, so you can connect both HDMI and AV at the same time).

  5. my new setup would be xbox 360 E connect throwgh HDMI to my xbox pne s witch i also need to get and i would have a 4K TV also haveng elit controller and white kinect [custimized ] also haveng my xbox 360 E white to match my xbox one s not only thats but also a white xobx 360 kinect also a durable headset <- thats my dream setup

  6. The slim is CLEARLY better. It has the optical connection. It looks better – agree with reviewer – the shine gets scratched – the eject button looks cheap on the E. They both are quiet – I can't hear a think on the slim. They basically cheapened the Slim and sold it as something new. I am a sucker and bought it -so they got me. Take it from someone who owns both – slim before E.

  7. This is 170 at Walmart and you get modern warfare series I got it for the nostalgia on Black Friday for 119.99

  8. Im so glad I didnt get the Newest 360 2 of my friends had it and it would always freeze instead I got the 360 slim first day it came out which I think was 2011 its been a long time I forgot The slim was perfect now I got XBOX One S should of waited till the Xbox X came out

  9. i have buy the Xbox 360E + Forza horizon 2 + 1 controller +500gb
    for 99€ on germany Form Mediamarkt how much you pay for the Xbox360 ?

  10. hey please give me xbox one beacause xbox 360 all files crroupted show not replace my consloe please give new xbox one

  11. I buy xbox 360 in previous month but i dnt knw that this xbox which i buy is pal or ntsc version how to knw that my xbox is pal or ntsc version plse help !!!!!!

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