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My Xbox is freezing on startup.?


My Xbox 360 Elite freezes when I turn it on, it gets past the Xbox X logo at the start but then I see my dashboard background and it tells me how many friends I have online. It freezes shortly after I get that notification.

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    Same thing, I was just playing, turned off my system and now it freezes only when connecting to live. Must be happening to everyone. Current hold time on xbox customer support is 42 min and rising.

  2. XBOX LIVE Service

    Users may experience difficulties with the following services:

    Signing in to Xbox LIVE

    Affecting the following LIVE Platforms:

    Xbox 360 Console

    11/28/2012 12:30:25 PM PST:

    Is your Xbox freezing when you attempt to sign in to Xbox LIVE? Is this right after you download the latest update? We are aware of this issue and we’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible. Thanks for being patient and please, check back in 30 minutes for an update on this issue.

  3. Yeah same, it happened right now, i tried to turn it on and the same thing is happening. IDK what to do.

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