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My Xbox 360 has tons and tons of Jaggies on every game on a 23″ 1080p Samsung 2333HD HDTV with an HDMI cable?


I just hooked my 360 up to my Samsung 23″ 1080p HDTV (model 2333HD) and it looks like crap. I have the settings on the xbox to 1080p and have tweaked all other 360 display settings and all the tv settings and it still looks horrible and has tons and tons of Jaggies. I also have my laptop hooked up to the HDTV and it looks great. is the 360 really that bad looking? I have tons of games and they are all Jaggie. Even old games such as Oblivion. The only game that looks as good as it should (and looks like anti aliasing is on is the arcade demo of Geometry wars.

So is the 360 so weak that it cant use anti aliasing on almost all of its 360 games? thats sucks if so.

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  1. Its probably your TV. I had the same issue when i picked up Forza 3, everyone said the graphics were impeccable, but there were still tons of jaggies for me, and i have a 26″ LCD with HDMI running 1080i. The problem seems to be with the refresh rate of the TV, if you have an older HDTV (like i do), then it is probably 60Hz, optimally you want 120 or 240 Hz. Check the back of your TV, and if it says it is less then 120Hz, then thats your problem. Only solution is to get a better TV.

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