Home Videos Minecraft Walmart! – PS3 (Part 1)

Minecraft Walmart! – PS3 (Part 1)


Minecraft Walmart! - PS3 (Part 1)

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  1. You know what you should do … build a city with recreation and restaurants and houses and more that's what I did

  2. Great constructionI want to. Are it tooBut how many parking does it hasAnd I will make the macdonalds inside Walmart .

  3. U know what u guy,s should do u should make a big rode and all the restaurants and stores you should do that and then make up like imagining something that would bereally cool

  4. i have to add you whats your PS3 id name i would like you to help me build stuff like that pleas help me if you can

  5. This is amazing, I really enjoy building real life structures and I especially love seeing other creativity, I just one problem, there's no automotive. 🙁 Lol. My first job was wal-mart, that was where I started out and where I actually met my fiance. Automotive is the best part in our store (Store #0016) here in Arkansas. I would love to help you in future buildings. My psn is Rachael_IsCool (: Enjoyed the video!

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