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I have 3 PS3 questions?


1. I have a PS3 that wont load any discs that I put into it (something about corrupted data on my PS3), but that’s not my problem any more. A friend told me that I have to hold down the button until it beeps twice quickly. I did that and a menu came up. He said that I needed to choose the ‘Restore PS3 system’ option. When I chose it, it said that it would delete all of my data, I asked him what to do and he said first, upload ALL of my data on my PS3 onto a USB and then delete my data and then upload the PS3 data on the USB back onto my PS3, but that would just mean that I’m uploading the corrupted data back onto my PS3. Would what my Friend said actually work?

2. My mom also found this place that I might get a really low priced PS3 from or even for free, but I dont want to lose my data. Does the PSN or does the user (the users on the farthest left you can go) have the data (trophies, game progress)?

3. I want to game share off of my friend (the same one in question 1) but he knows another guy that also game shared off of him which means I cant game share off of my friend until he deactivates the game sharing from the other guys house (my friend and the other guy are enemies now, so he cant just go over and deactivate it from there). Is there any way for my friend to deactivate the game share from his PS3?

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  1. Any thing done through playstation network such as online gaming progress or any other downloads will already be saved remotely

  2. [url is not allowed].

    greatest damn website ever created for the ps3. I love deactivating my friends lol.

    save your saved game data on a USB drive and write down your list of friends in case that gets erased. I don’t think it will, but just to be save. Everything else is just content that can be redownloaded off of the playstation store like DLC, avatars, themes, and patches.

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