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How to Pre-order STEP BY STEP FREE Games for PS4.. IT WORKS!!! (Phanton Pain)


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Proof which it WORKS!!! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HbNMn2S1vw&feature=iv&src_vid=2p4r3v9aByM&annotation_id=annotation_2203463877

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Guy this will not work for everyone unfortunately, but if it does work for some of you guys then your in luck, just follow the video and your should be fine. i wish you best of luck and god bless.

How to Pre-order  STEP BY STEP FREE Games for PS4.. IT WORKS!!! (Phanton Pain)



  1. give me your email address and your password so I can sign in to your account and share your games with me

  2. the games wont work like that if it really work why not you start the and play and show us it really work

  3. SHIET I DID IT BUT I ACCIDENTLY CAncel IT! and i cant pre-order it anymore

  4. e ae bruno blz mano fiz o esquema da pre order com conta da nova zelandia mas o cronometro ta rolando ainda e o jogo ja baixou, to achando quenao vai dar vaideicxar o jogo trancado no caso é o doom, como que rola essa parada ?

  5. I only have one account and the location of it is the United Arab Emirates…
    The place I live in…
    My question is if I pre-order it…
    Will i be able to start it properly with no locks etc…
    And BTW.. I have pre-ordered Uncharted 4 one more than before realease…
    I didn't have to add a payment method..
    so should I cancel it and Pre-order it again 2 minutes before release or let it be?

  6. Thanks for this I made a mistake and got wwII and it said 175 days and I said fuck that I'm buying something else

  7. Why the hell did they take the money already now? Aren't they supposed to take it like a few days before the game comes out ??

  8. Hi man. So i did a pre order on bf1 and i have the timer now. So if i do this this will work?

  9. I'm on the new update on PS4 I have 5 days to cancel the destiny rise of iron DLC it won't let me? Help

  10. Ok so I pre-ordered Skyrim Remastered mainly for the mods. Now that that's not happening I want to cancel my pre-order. Just to make sure if I do cancel it will I get my outrageous 79.99 back?

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