Home Videos Evolution of PlayStation: Portable Gaming

Evolution of PlayStation: Portable Gaming


Evolution of PlayStation: Portable Gaming

All PlayStation Startups PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS Vita, PS4

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  1. i remember when i bought my nintendo ds lite XD that was good times but psp destroy my dsl on performance (destroy xbox please)

  2. I bought the vita in 2017, no regrets on buying it, I'm even spending more time on it than on my ps3 and pc nowadays
    the only thing that sucked about the vita, is those extremely expensive memory cards
    seriously, sony should make a price drop for those cards, and vita sales will increase a lot

  3. the narrator said that the PSP and the PS Vita brought console-style game into the handheld by giving us games such as and then goes on to only mention PS Vita games

  4. Getting an HD60 capture card soon =D Who wants all the startups in better quality, in 60fps too? =D

  5. I favorite the ps2, it was my childhood. I need a 10 hour long video of just the ps2 start up over and over again.

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