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CGRundertow KANE & LYNCH: DEAD MEN for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


CGRundertow KANE & LYNCH: DEAD MEN for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. ok this is coming from a guy who knows nothing about this reviewer, and I literally just played the XB360 version like 20 minutes ago. I have played up to the part just after you save Kane's daughter. let me tell you what I think…

    The story telling and dialogue are kick ass. I think the game would do 10x better as a movie TBH. Character development and exposition are done greatly in this, usually without cutscenes.

    the downfall of this game is the controls, gameplay and mechanics. the controls are clunky AF, but hopefully I'll get used to them. I thought the AI worked well as far as your companions, and the AI for the enemies was challenging and satisfying to mow down or kill in hand-to-hand combat, especially with that badass knife thing Kane has.

    so yeah, there are my thoughts on it so far.

  2. The pc version is somewhat easier to play than the console versions, and runs smoother as well. I also noted the problems with the gameplay, but the only thing that bothers me is the easy to kill ai in easy and normal mode. Its pretty easy to get the hang of covering after a while, at least on pc it is.

  3. Love this game man, I had a great time playing it with my best bud a while back when it came out, offline… I remember feeling like I was in a Michael Mann movie!!

  4. finished the game in co-op mode with my buddy 2 days ago. We had a lot of fun. The game's action & violence gives an adrenaline rush

  5. Not liking Kane or Lynch as characters is just your own fucking opinion. I loved the both of them, for all their flaws and badass moments

  6. I personally liked the game but it's probably because I played through it co-op with my cousin.

  7. Just watch the 1st developer diary for Kane & Lynch, they weren't exactly meant to be likeable guys. 

    As for me, I actually liked Kane, aside from his selfishness, I hated Lynch in Dead Men, but thought he was alright in Dog Days.

  8. yes,i don't know wgy some people criticise this game…except some glitches and cover ssystem is not so good…but rest is great,it;s tactical,good graphics

  9. these characters are not to be likable,they are bad people,crazy people,and that is very good for a change in videogames.Not every protagonist have to be good,they represent real prison guys.Prisons have a lot of violent and bad people,they cannot be saint.I liked the game,it has really cool dinamics 🙂

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