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CGRundertow JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE HD VER. for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


CGRundertow JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE HD VER. for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. People need to understand that you don't need to know about the source material for something to judge it for what it is. This is a game based on a manga series, but you shouldn't need to know about the manga to judge how good it is as a GAME. Sure, knowing about the manga enhances your experience with the game, but the game in itself should be good enough that it inspires newcomers to read the manga, or has you stick around for the game regardless. Same applies to any adaptation of anything ever. With that said, this is a pretty decent game, but his point about it not being welcoming is a very fair one, especially nowadays when fighting games typically have very full featured training and tutorial modes.

  2. I don't really think ya shoulda reviewed a game based off an anime/manga that you don't watch. The game uses ALOOOOT of stuff from there and the way you describe some stuff that's meant for fans of the show/manga could seem really off putting for people. Not because "oh muh you didn't know this stuff so it's bad" but because you only talked about what it would be like for non fans of the manga. So it's kind of an accidental bias.

  3. so its Joseph's sprite that was used for Chuck Norris in death battle no wonder it looked so familiar

  4. dude u clearly didnt even understand this is a game based of the very popular manga series meant for fans. 2 if u dont like fighting games why review it your just going to have a bad experience and then give a needlessly bad review. p.s you review nothing about the game by the way and you didnt even research about it like a wiki look up or anything because u dont even know its based off an anime

  5. Unfunny. Unnecessary self-censorship. Painfully obvious you know nothing about either fighting games or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Fun fact: It's not just a fighting game! There's been a manga series going on for likely longer than you've been alive!). Just a bad video in general.

  6. it is obvious that you never play it before and you just critic by playing the hardest character you choose. seriously we don't give a shit bout your complaining

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