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Akiba’s Beat Review for PS Vita & PS4 | PlayStation Enthusiast


Akiba's Beat Review for PS Vita & PS4 | PlayStation Enthusiast

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  1. Just by looking at the way the game looks it reminds me of persona the battle system not so much but it looks kinda like persona, I'll give it a shot.

  2. the mind numbing repatition actually helped me identify with they main character. The main gripes I have is you can't really customize your weapons or outfit like in akiba's trip. And the combat felt like senseless button mashing.

  3. Great review! Helped me decide if I wanted to buy the game.
    Played the previous one but wasn't sure about Akiba's Beat until after I watched this video.

  4. I have both on vita. I did not like the first game at all. I have put 2 hours into Akibas Beat and I agree with the review. I find its gameplay/ combat far better than the "stripping" clothes from "vampires" of the last game. I think the reviews are so bad because when a game switches mechanics so much people who liked the previous game are gonna get pissed. One bad thing is the pre order plush is terribly made lol.

  5. I think this is the first positive review i've seen for this game. Either you're just a really big fan, or… i dunno what other option there is. Even die-hard fans of Akiba's Trip all gave this game low scores for being bland and medicore.

  6. nice review, found it much better than compared to some other that were… fueled with alot of anger..err..emotion to be a review and more of a rant. i still picked up the game and find it nice to play, but definitely not all that great.

  7. I don't wanna but I'll have to be THAT guy, the review itself was fairly subpar. What about the story that makes it good as you say? How character development works in the game? Combat's mechanics were not explained well or deeply enough.

    If you are gonna compare this game which from the get-go looks and plays like a poor man's Tales of Zestiria, to the likes of Persona 5, you have to ellaborate more.

    Just saying, it's your opinion but review felt paid as heck.

  8. FYI, I noticed in your "cons," you have listed that the game has no fast travel. It actually does have fast-travel, though! When you open your map, you can press… triangle, I think it is? To open a fast travel menu. (Only on the streets of Akihabara, though — not in dungeons.)

  9. Thanks for another review, although can you explain more clearly what's combat is like? Cuz if it like tales then it's gonna be pain in the ass for me. I mean I have to wait my character to charge his 3-combo after each 3 hits plus arts or whatever, which is super annoying

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