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Where to trade in a ps3 that doesnt turn on for some cashh?


this system was bought two months ago and it just stopped working it wont turn on so i would like to know if theres any place where i could sell it that its not online. its a 360gb the harddrive is in perfect conditions soo it would be helpful if i could sell itt. thanks
the battery has got nothing to do with the harddrive -.-

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  1. If it won’t turn on, the only place that’s gonna give you a peanut for it is a scrap dealer. :/

  2. If it doesn’t turn on it is not in perfect condition. Nobody is going to buy a broken PS3. 🙂

  3. Try Ebay and Craislist. You can always sell the PS3 for parts. People are always looking for them, plus 360gb is a lot of memory space. I would just price It at $30.00. Thats top dollar though, not anymore higher. Hope I helped.

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