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God of War Collection or other PS3 games?


The God of War game looks like it’s going to be great but I haven’t played the 1st or 2nd God of War games. The games were originally for the PS2 but was remade for the PS3 (I think).

So should I spend my money on that game so I’ll be ready for when the 3rd one comes out, or are there better games out there for the PS3 that recently came out rather than spending my money on “PS2” games?

I only have so much money that I am willing to spend on PS3 games so I can’t buy too many games.

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  1. God Of War 1&2 were really good games. Although renting may not be the worst Idea, I really enjoyed them on PS2. Didn’t bother getting the “rerelease” on PS3, but should be the same games with slightly better graphics. Yeah I’d advise at least renting them though. God of War 1 and 2 do have a story line that follows through, and 3 will finish that story.

  2. You’ll have a fun time with those two games, but really if you want to know the story read about it on the internet and pre-order GOW3. All the game play is different and unless your a huge fan of the first two just get the 3rd game. I am is your same position. Yeah Make no sence to go backwards. Got a ps3 to play Sweet games. I never played MW1 but now I love and kickass in MW2.

  3. Rent the GOW games instead of buying them too see how you like em. Think Blockbuster is renting the collection game for PS3. Also @ gamestop if you preorder ($5 down) GOW3 they give you a code for the beta version to try out. If you dont like it you can use your $5 for something else.

    Any game that you can play multiplayer online is a good choice for buying because it will keep you entertained for a long time. COD series & etc. I rented Darksiders, which is a good game, but I finished it within 5 days so I am glad I did spend the $$ to buy it.

  4. yea, they were great games. The story of the two are the most important thing i’d think you would want for the third one. Renting them is a great idea, it’s cheap and then you wont have to waste as much on buying the game. assuming you can beat it before the cost of renting it goes over the price of the game. I believe the game is 40 dollars, so at 5$ a day, that would give you 8 days.

    hope this helps.

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