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Crazy Strike Bowling EX (Xbox One) Achievement Review


Crazy Strike Bowling EX (Xbox One) Achievement Review
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Title: Crazy Strike Bowling EX
Developer: Corecell Technology
Publisher: Corecell Technology
Platform: Xbox One
Release Date: June 28. 2017
Price: .99
Store link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/crazy-strike-bowling-ex/c52wcn7gnxr3?rtc=1

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Crazy Strike Bowling EX (Xbox One) Achievement Review

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  1. Physics are terrible in this game. You need the MOVE controller to play it or can you play it without it?

  2. "…but for PS3 owners looking for a good bowling title for the Move, it's definitely a solid option…"

    Don't you mean soft, supple option?!

  3. Everyone rips off everyone. SONY copied Smash Brothers with All Stars which was also on the Vita and then Nintendo copied the multiple platform idea and put the new release on both the Wii U and 3DS.

    It is just part of the industry.

  4. you obviously don't watch anime cause unlike western cartoons anime has realistic human behavior

  5. "souless creppy as fuck and devoid of realistic human behavior and completly and uterly unintresting"

    Why do I get the feeling you don't watch any anime that much.Oh! Because that was incredibly stupid and uncharacteristic of most anime characters. I stopped watching anime a while ago but I think you need to calm down.

  6. As a big fan of anime, just the fact you can play as an anime girl makes it far better than WiiSports Bowling :I

  7. No they don't, didn't you see their new innovative title? Pets? I've never seen anything like it.

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