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Clash of the Titans Game Review


Clash of the Titans Game Review
By YellowDinghy.com

Clash of the Titans Game Review


  1. @thefalloutkid13 According to statistics, the budget for the movie was 125 million dollars. After Cinema attendances for it, the world wide gross revenue came to over 493 million dollars. That's four times the budget. I guess the movie IS a success. As for the game, it was terrible. They should have gotten the right developers to make the game good..

  2. the original movie sucked, the remake rocked. i haven't tried the game though. i can buy it for ten dollars so i may give it a shot

  3. wow to late got it at gamestop three games the sabetuer stormrising and this the last two are horrible

  4. This game sucked. I'm not a graphic troll or anything, but the gameplay is repetitive, the missions are repetitive, and the FUCKING ENEMIES are repetitive!!!

  5. well it's people like you that said terminator salvation and jaws were rubbish, but i enjoyed them, and will enjoy this too… hardcore gamers don't know what they're talking about, this game is aimed at the casual gamer, who doesn't give a shit about graphics, they just want to pick up and play…

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