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1000 GAMERSCORE in 15 MINUTES for $3 – Completed #73 – Energy Cycle


1000 GAMERSCORE in 15 MINUTES for  - Completed #73 - Energy Cycle


  1. I tried following this video for the PS4 version, but the solution is somehow different

  2. Finally got region switch working and got this with a $10 redeem card (I legitimately paid $10, just don't live in the states.)

    Is region switching safe / legal????? Any responses would be appreciated, thanks.

  3. Just as a heads up, this game is known to glitch achievements. I can't get 100% on this because level 12 achievement won't unlock. Yet somehow I have the one for completing the game. I've read several other instances of players who have had the same issue, but not necessarily on level 12 (some were 6, others 15…you get the idea). Anyway, just putting that out there.

  4. I won a key for this game which im not really too botherd about and
    neither is my nephew. So seen as it isnt getting used i thought i might
    as well give it away. If anyone wants this game here is a key. First
    person to enter it into steam (PC) or whatever gets it… 3YAPM-PEPM9-MJQKZ
    …Also if you fancy checking out the site from where i won the game in
    the first place check it out here… https://gamekit.com/?reflink=9711-111242718
    …Its a great site. Ive won over 70 quids worth of games in the space
    of a week. Best game i won was "Xcom declassified the bureau." There is a
    one in five chance of wining that one and there are plenty of other
    canny games to win like battlefield for example. Anyways Whoever gets
    this game i hope you enjoy it cheers! 🙂

  5. I'll probably pick this up considering the price point. Thanks, I've never heard of it until now.

  6. yeah ok 15 minutes has past and i cant even follow puzzle 26 solution which i couldnt solve today. the video moves too fast.

  7. When I click the link for amazon codes, it won't let me buy it because my account is linked the the UK?

  8. Sorry Maka had to dislike this guide as could not follow it at all, it was difficult to follow due to the speed & not being able to see which ones you had tapped on. Ended up using TheHiddenlevels guide as they numbered the cycles.

  9. Your going way way to fast…why is your guides always a speed run. Slow the fuck down. I'm wasting more time replaying each puzzle 14 times….Of course my Bitching is mean as constructive criticism!!!

  10. pior guia que eu ja segui na minha vida jogo horrivel o guia não tem como seguir muito rápido não da tempo de acompanhar nada

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