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100 Best PS1 Games – (Sony Playstation, PS1)


100 Best PS1 Games - (Sony Playstation, PS1)

PLAYSTATION 4 - Why PAYING To Play Online Is a Good Thing! @SONY @PS4


  1. Now i now what i forgot this long time. It was Wild 9. Thank you now i know what i have to play again.

  2. What's fascinating in these comments is that he made a list his personal best ps1 games one hundred of them. Then most of us are saying where is this game and that game. Just speaks volumes on how great that library was. Ps1 was fun times.

    Some of my favs that wasn't in the list

    Resident evil 2
    Bust a groove 1&2
    Chrono Cross
    Persona 2
    Silent hill 2
    Crash Bandicoot warped <might be mistaken on that
    Street fighter alpha 3

    Just a few more but if I kept naming games my list can drag on for a while.

  3. Ahh such a glorious generation in gaming.. The PS2 was a worthy followup too. Gaming is in a weird place these days with all of the emphasis on online gameplay :

  4. i watched many videos but never seen silent bomber which is very challenging and one of best action game

  5. you forget someone games : dino crisis 1 & 2 , spiderman 1 & 2 , spider , gran turismo 2 , dragon valor , megaman legends 2 , resident evil 2 & 3 , r-type delta , syphon filter 1 & 3 ( why only 2 ? ) , driver 2 , 007 the world not enough , 007 tomorrow never die , 007 racing , wcw thunder , twisted metal 2 , 3 & 4 , parasite eve 2 , ace combat 1 & 3 ( why only 2 ) , and someones .

  6. you do make a good argument… however i still have a question: i have a friend i played on gta5 with last night… he had no idea we have to pay! im wondering how he managed that. how can some just not pay and still play online? idk if he is using some exploit or just fell through the cracks?

  7. i will only play on ps3 wii and pc because its dumb to just start the pay to play thing as i will always say the old gen was better then the new and if you got the ps4 for christmas and a card that you wanted to get a game with and play with a friend the kid would be sad because most of the games ive seen on ps4 are only online which makes me sad and angry of the pay to play theres more reasons but sony never would listen to people just as they took features off the ps3

  8. and your one to talk when you get sub and useing youtube money to pay your PS+ to play your games

  9. i dont care what you say i already paid for my games and consal why should i pay to paly ? when it was already free i never ask sony to give me upgrades i dont use on my ps4 and shitty free indie games if they made real titiled games free be no im not paying for that cuz times are hard already another note i dont us my game so much due to my work so halfg year or year would go out the window just to find out it gone out until they make fuctions to turn off your ps+ then it would not be so bad and top of that they raise the price and i know this will hit you too if you think your going to pay 80.00 or more for one year even for the 3 month plan

  10. Hey man. Thanks for the video. Can you tell me which is this game you are playing here? I am looking for a similar experience to Socom 2. And I do like this one. I appreciate your answer. Thanks.

  11. U are the reason why gaming is now the dark ages because u are a foolish sucker and a selfish person u ruin it for everyone else. Make a difference instead of encouraging the problem.

  12. "Many perks"
    Also, an opinion is IRRELEVANT to discuss whether it actually IS a good thing so I'll be typing this while I'm watching.

    1. "50 bucks a year is no big deal" Except after this video they increased the price by 10 bucks and let's take this into account. The PS4 released in November 2013. That's 4 years if you pay per year that you'd pay since that until November, meaning just to play online, you already paid 200 bucks. It IS a big deal seeing how that's half of the original price of a PS4.

    2. You do not get exclusives if you are PS+ member and why do only PS+ members get to test beta's? Isn't the point of a beta to let it be tested by as many people as possible to find big glitches or what not and iron those out before launch?

    3. "All that money is going towards servers" That's why we already have many articles about PSN being hacked, DDOS attacked (granted, there isn't much you can do about this) or just being down. Just so you know, Killzone, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us are all Sony first party exclusives and none of them have dedicated servers.

    4. This is something I agree on. People won't make as many fake accounts, overloading servers.

    5. I shouldn't have to pay extra for a better gaming experience. Say a game like CoD where multiplayer is really why you buy the game. I expect the multiplayer to be lag free, to work. I am not gonna praise anyone for working multiplayer only after I pay more money, even after I already paid 70 bucks for the game. I don't thank the company of my GPS because it offers me free location detection. I expect that for free as part of the product.

    Now look, if you don't mind paying for online, that's fine but the negatives vastly outweigh the positives. Seeing how Sony still uses Peer-to-Peer connections for the vast majority of it's games, why should you pay to play your game online if that wasn't the case with the PS3? As for third party games? Sony hasn't offered ANY servers for ANY of them. That money goes to Sony only and they aren't investing a cent in those games to provide servers.

    While discounts are nice, the reason they can offer them is because digital games on consoles are insanely overpriced. Why am I paying equal or more for a digital version of a game compared to a physical copy?

    Also, party chat is still no solid reason seeing how the Vita also has this for FREE.

    And the monthly games thing that people often brag about? First of all, those aren't "free". You PAY for those with the subscription which you can't play if that subscription runs out, pretty much chaining you to that subscription more and more the longer you pay for it.

    And now Nintendo, the absolute worst network of all, is planning to charge money for online with the absolute worst deal to "make up for it". All because Sony followed Microsoft's BS deal to pay for online and now Nintendo is also joining. They have SHOWN that paying for online isn't really mandatory.

    In fact, the PC proves this further. Not only with faster and more up-to-date features, but dedicated servers, free games, far more and far better discounts, all for free. I'm not trying to sound like some"pc master race hurdur". I started out as a Sony exclusive gamer. But now with Nintendo following suit, the PC just had 2 massive new exclusives.

    60fps on every game and Free online and I honestly don't understand why people still pay for this.

  13. they are being greedy bastards Im not the only one who sees it either,they claim they cant afford to keep online play free but they just wanna line thier fat pockets with extra dough.

  14. I disagree. We're not paying for better servers, we're paying Sony and Microsoft to log into a developer's server. As Blackbustercritic has explained Xbox Live isn't over superior, it's only that certain games have developers making sure servers are good. We don't have to pay them for anything, the PC community has superior online and it's free. Sony and Microsoft can't even stop themselves from getting hacking repeatedly. We shouldn't be paying the, for online, if everyone boycotts consoles for a while they'll change just like Microsoft had to change the Xbox One.

  15. the money doesn't go to the servers
    sony is charging us to use our own internet connection
    online used to be free for the ps3

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