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We Liked Gladius (Xbox), what would you recommend that is similar on the Xbox 360?


My boys and I really liked this game. We teamed up and liked the storyline, the foes, the different arenas, and the different talents of each character. We were looking for something similar that we could all play. The game store guy recommended Enchanted Arms, but we were disappointed with it. Any help would he greatly appreciated.

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  1. Well if your looking for a Strategy/RPG game, there really isn’t a good one for XBOX360, they came out w/ Spectral Force 3 not too long ago but stay away from that, definetely not enjoyable like Gladius. Maybe another turn-based RPG like “Blue Dragon” or “Lost Odyssey”, or you can get the best RPG for the 360 out there right now “Tales of Vesperia”, it’s got a very indepth story line, with the difference of being able to control you character during battle real time ( another bonus for “Tales” is that up to 4 people can fight in battle together agaisnt your enemies) of course during the main travels only the first player can actually control the character. Hope I’ve helped

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