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Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 1080p60 GAMEPLAY


Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 1080p60 GAMEPLAY


  1. Is it possible to ask Capcom to add the characters from Ultra Street Fighter 4 into the original Street Fighter 4? Or at least some of them?

  2. So the visuals are almost exactly the same, maybe SLIGHTLY sharper, we have audio issues, graphical issues, connection issues (or a shitty netcode)
    Not even any exclusive stages, costumes or anything.

    So basically, stick to PS3: more people will be playing since not everyone has a PS4, and if they do, there's no reason to pay another £20 for an inferior (yep) port.
    You might even get a working online match.


  3. Thanks for making this video. I've been trying to find gameplay of it for a bit. Getting it on the 1st of June.

  4. This is such a terrible port. Laggy menus and even worse online play than the ps3 version. Needs patching asap, also you need two control pads assigned to 1 & 2 to recognise two ps3 arcade sticks which is annoying.

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