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Red Dead Redemption – Part 1 – Let’s play w/ Dan – PS3 – HD Gameplay Walkthrough


Red Dead Redemption - Part 1 - Let's play w/ Dan - PS3 - HD Gameplay Walkthrough


  1. This is one the best games I've ever played. From the story itself to the smallest details of the countryside's wild life,everything is almost flawless.

  2. after being without a ps3 for a year I bought a ps3 super slim and played this, the edges look all jagged and the textures looked blurry but after seeing this video i guess yours look the same

  3. My red dead redemption game is taking to long to load the exodus in america, can someone tell me why ????

  4. Man, I loved this game. Haven't played it in a long time. Its so great to hear that piano music. 

    The landscapes are absolutely beautiful, and the night skies are amazing, especially considering I've been living in cities for the last 25 years. All those stars reminded me of when I was a kid, growing up in the swamps and pine barrens.

  5. this is the only game from Rstar that I truly care, & love
    it is truly a great game
    truly hope that Jack marston, john's son will be the hero of Read dead 2
    this is FAR!! superior than that Trash of Gta
    it is like if complete new different people would have created this amazing game
    Red dead redemption & Castlevania Lords of shadows are my loves of 2010

  6. First: Dan I love the way you play games
    Second: The horses in red dead redemption are so beautiful I missed them in GTA 5

  7. Yes. I ordered GTA V before leaving on this wilding raid. Should be waiting for me at the Wall within a fortnight.

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