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Marvel Ultimate Alliance “Remastered” Bundle – SHAME ON YOU ACTIVISION


Marvel Ultimate Alliance


  1. i LOVE this game i played since like 2007 or 2008 also I'm a pro at this game i have the gold edition

  2. I hope x Men legends 1 and 2 going to be remastered for ps4/Xbox one and other consoles soon

  3. I hope the marvel ultimate alliance 1 and 2 remastered for ps4/Xbox one and other consoles going to have a disc version soon

  4. I just down loaded both these games.. But I didn't have to pay the 60.00 scam.. I paid 40 and got all characters.. How??? Well I really like this game and when I saw it was a bundle. I was curious as to what each game cost individually. And so I looked them up in the search games section of Xbox one games section.. I discovered that they were both 20.00 dollars each. So I went that route and got everything. So in the future.. When you see a bundle.. Look to see what those same games are as individuals stand alone games, you might find that you over pay for bundle packs

  5. does anyone know how to play local cooperative on Xbox One? Just to clarify, I am not referring to playing MUA 1 or 2 on Xbox Live, just good ol' fashioned offline cooperative. I have tried over and over again with no resolution to this dilemma. To be honest, I think it is ignorant for Activision and Marvel Comics/Entertainment to list this as playable via Xbox Live or local offline Co-op and have those features not work properly.

  6. I bought the game solo (not the bundle)
    And it had Hulk, Cyclops, Sabertooth and Doctor Doom. Maybe it had gotten fixed by then.

  7. Thinking of purchasing the game now both are on sale for 20 a piece with free dlc patch, price dropped was needed lol

  8. hell yea dude i totally agree i love these games but cmom man 60 buks and nt even a real remaster they just showed how much they care

  9. Even tho it's a bit pricey (even with a sale) and it's not really a remaster but more of a port I still decided to pick it up because this was my very first ever Xbox 360 game and I have so many memories with it. I love this game so much and I just couldn't pass it up. I just wish it was a legit Remaster like they did with Modern Warfare. That would have been amazing. Oh Well maybe one day.

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