Home Videos GTA V Online Gunrunning Trailer (PS4 / Xbox One / PC)

GTA V Online Gunrunning Trailer (PS4 / Xbox One / PC)


GTA V Online Gunrunning Trailer (PS4 / Xbox One / PC)


  1. i just got xbox one from ps4 , and i start new online only 25 lvl and be wasting CEOs thats 400 RP its not what you got its how you play the game i dont even buy house or apt just get on and kill people lol its just a game

  2. Rockstar try so hard to make this game awesome and better, also they keep bring in new content for free. But if it keep going like this, GTA Online is dead and it'll be chaos. People who don't have these are basically being bullied

  3. Remember they made us wait a whole year for heists then never added new ones and we were stuck with only 4? i remember

  4. GTA in a nutshell

    Rockstar: "Wanna know how to make money in this game?"

    Me: "sure, I have no money so that'd be great!"

    Rockstar: "it's all in selling arms"

    Me: "ok well how much will it take to get started?"

    Rockstar: "around 1-2 million dollars"

    Me: "but I don't have that kind of money!"

    shark cards creep up

  5. Yeah sure, more overpowered weapons amd indestructible vehicles, so we wont be able to play the game at all! I quess its time to leave GTA Online, no point in gaming now, with all this bullshit, and nothing fun to do

  6. Esto es un avance de todas las cosas que van a reciclar para el GTA 6 no?
    Huele a que al 6 le va a pasar lo mismo que al SR4 va a ser un DLC del anterior, que era el bueno, pero añadiendo algunas cosas y cambiando otras

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