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Crazy Strike Bowling EX (PS4)


Crazy Strike Bowling EX (PS4)

Anime Bowling! - CRAZY STRIKE BOWLING EX - TFS Plays


  1. Mr. Jenkins was once a man, but the Highschool girl used her dark, ancient Magic to turn him into a bear just for the fun of it. And even though he has a zipper on his back, its just barely outside of his reach so he can never take it off. And he is cursed to never talk about his curse, so he can never ask anyone to pull the zipper down for him.

  2. Suddenly I feel like I've got to have more… uh, something with an M. It's on the tip of my tongue…

  3. That moment when they get the box and turn the ball to get the strike…FUCK PHYSICS!!!!!

  4. Mr. Jenkins is a man in a bear suit that is wearing a man suit with another bear suit on top…  how do you think he's so big?

  5. The bowling place that we had where I lived was called 'Lightning Bowl'.
    Just to point out how uncreative that is, the largest school in the area's mascot was literally just a lightning bolt.

  6. I know it might be painful…but please play this again. The three of you do the impossible and make this game fun. It'd be great if the multiplayer support worked though…

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