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Xbox Live and such? I have no clue!?


I’m buying an Xbox 360 either today or tomorrow because i played at my friends house and loved it so I saved up but I have several questions.what is “Xbox live”? Like I know how to play video games it’s just there’s Xbox things, I guess, I don’t understand. I know that you can add people and stuff and my laptop has basic stuff like solitaire, Xbox Live music, and games and such I guess but yeah.I sound like a loser right now.does anyone know what I’m asking? lol.

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  1. It allows you to play multiplayer games such as Battlefield with friends and other XBOX Live users. It also allows you to talk with friends and other players. The only downfall of it that I can think of is its $60 for a years worth.

  2. Xbox Live has lots of things you can do with it! So first off when you get your Xbox 360, you make your profile and go to the dashboard that is if you want to have an offline account. If you want an account with Xbox Live you set up your profile and link that account with Xbox Live. Just to let you know it does cost money unless you get a prepaid Year/Month/Day Xbox Live card (I have a Year of Xbox Live and buy a new one every time mine expires). Once you have that then you can play with others with multiplayer games, go into chats and party’s (best you have a mic maybe not but whatever), and message people. Now you can also buy items from the Marketplace, there are things like games, add-on content, Indie Games, and arcade games which are games like regular games but usually you can’t buy them in stores. There’s also a thing called Cloud Storage that you can transfer your game data on different Xbox’s like your friends. There’s also the music store but you said you have that on your laptop.

    That pretty much covers Xbox Live.

    Hope it helped!

  3. Xbox Live is the online community for the Xbox. It is required if you want to play online, use the several apps included with the Xbox as well.

  4. Xbox live like another social media thing. The only thing is you play video games. You basically have a status, bio, location, and your user name. You can also build up friends. There are other things you can do like go on any social media site. You can also use it like a computer and search things up. Now all this is only available if you have internet and pay for xbox live. Enjoy it if you do get it. Its pretty fun but dont get addicted jk lol:)

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