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Why isn’t Sony repairing my PS3?


Okay so here’s the full story. Sometimes in July my PS3 had the YLOD, now of course I was furious that it happened and my 5 year warranty with Fry’s Electronic ended in June. So I sent in my PS3 to Sony and agree to pay a total of $178.00 and received my PS3 on August 24th, 2010. Now when I read the Limited Service Warranty it guaranteed to be working for at least 90 days. Now My PS3 is having the same issue, I called in on 11-06-2010, received my box and sent it in. Now I get an email saying that I need to pay for my PS3 to be repaired since it wasn’t in the In-Warranty Period. Any ideas of what I should do now? I sent an email to Sony regarding the whole situation and stated it should be covered.

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  1. well u can sue them if u want tell em ur story maybe they’ll do it but if not call costumer relations and tell them or call the head office get the numbers from the website

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