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What’s better. a ps3 fat or slim?



  1. depends on if you care about backwards compatibility or not.

    If not, then slim is better choice for reasons stated by others.

  2. The PS3 slim is more energy efficient, and does not get as hot. The PS3 slim also has HDMI connectivity, which means you can use a Sony Bravia TV remote to control the PS3.

    Other than the above, all PS3s are the same (assuming you aren’t looking to pay an arm and a leg for a backward compatible PS3 – [url is not allowed]. or [url is not allowed]. or [url is not allowed]. ).

    As far as memory, all PS3s can have their HDD upgraded without effecting the warranty (as long as a 5400 RPM HDD is used), so the memory is not an issue.

    I have both a PS3 (fat) and a PS3 slim, and the PS3 slim is much cooler and quieter. Other than that, they pretty much do the same thing (I say pretty much because I have a backward compatible Limited Edition 80GB MotorStorm Bundle PS3, so it can play PS2 games where as the PS3 slim can not).

  3. Go for Slim

    PS3 Slim Pros:

    – More affordable $299 price;

    – slimmer, more compact design with quieter operation;

    – all games in high-definition; easy-to-use interface;

    – doubles as a Blu-ray and upscaling DVD player; #

    – built-in Wi-Fi; 120GB hard drive;

    – HDMI output with 1080p support;

    – built-in Web browser; free online gaming service.

    Ps3 Slim Cons:

    – Lacks backward support for PS2 games;

    – no infrared port means non-Bluetooth universal remotes aren’t compatible;

    – online gaming, media, and commerce options still aren’t as fully developed as Xbox Live, though they’re getting better.

    PlayStation 3

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  4. i was wondering which one to get also, i got the slim and havent had any problems since, and yea they run cooler which is always good, slim is better fusho

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